3 Good Health Tips

Let’s face it, everybody wants to have a great looking body. Those that are not in good shape secretly wish they were, but I find there are 3 things that tend to keep people from embracing a lifestyle of fitness. If a person can keep in mind these 3 good health tips, they can have a great looking body and healthy lifestyle. We are going to look at the 3 obstacles of eating right, getting started on an easy workout, and getting a great looking Hollywood body.

A Diet

dietNo one likes the word diet. Everyone thinks that a daily diet plan is about counting calories, eating small portions of food, and doing without foods they like. The fact is, most daily diet plans are about what you should or cannot eat while being hungry all the time. I’ve tried several, and like most people, the time I was on them was not a pleasant experience. Even when eating 6 smaller meals was torture waiting until the next time I could eat. Then I came across Eat Stop Eat. Eat Stop Eat was radically different and allowed me to eat all the foods I loved, and never count calories. The reason most people cannot, or don’t want to stick to a daily diet plan is because they are painful and difficult to figure out.

Easy Exercise

easyPart of being in great shape and staying healthy involves some type of aerobic exercise or resistance training. Exercise tones your muscle giving them shape plus support for your frame. Exercising for fat loss tells your muscles also tells your body that they are being used and to get rid of the fat, but not the muscles, you need them. Being married with children, my wife and I could not find the time, money or energy to get to the fitness center on a regular basis. Plus, it was crowded. The drive time alone to and from the fitness center for each of us 3 times a week was 4 hours we did not have. Just 20 minutes to and from the fitness center, 3 times a week for each of us and 4 hours disappeared from our week.

Lean and Tone

learnWith the diet and workout solved, lets address the only other excuse that I know of. Many, especially women think that if they workout they will end up with bulky muscles. Even most guys don’t want to look like The Hulk. Instead, the desired look is more the Hollywood lean and toned look. I agree, want to look great, not like a wrestler. That is when I found Visual Impact. Visual Impact guides you step-by-step to looking more like Angelina Jolie and Taylor Lautner. It’s the best fitness instruction I know of on how to Taylor your exercise to get the great looking body you always wanted with no bulk.
Now I have given you 3 good health tips and a way to overcome the 3 biggest obstacles of getting in shape, losing weight, and living healthy, so you have no excuses left. Your new body is waiting for you. Each of these solutions above are cheaper than a month at the fitness club. I use them and would never go back to anything else.