You Can Perform These Great Workouts Using Your Treadmill, TreadClimber, and a set of Weights

It is not possible always to run outdoors and get indulge into some effective workout programs, especially because of unruly weather. For those windy or rainy days, you can rely on your treadmill for some great workouts. Whether you are pro or have already acknowledged as a marathon specialist, using treadmills or tread climbers for great workouts is quite effective that may give you the feeling that you are actually running outdoor. After you hop off one of these machines, feel free to grab a set of weights or dumbbells and add to your workout.

great treadclimber workouts

  • Let’s start

As a pro runner, you should start your journey with this 40-minute workout program that combines walking and running together to increase your heart rate and prime your body for speed and distance. Make sure to allow enough time to your body so that it can adjust with the physical demand of running as a beginner. If you find that the workout is too easy or hard for you, you can adjust with the speed limit.

Apart from running, you are do different variations of workouts with your treadmill. Let’s have a look on them:

  • Walking Lunges

Although doing walking lunges on the gym floor is almost impossible, performing them on the treadmill is all possible where you can get the maximum benefit of every leg-burning lunge. To do the workout, you need to stand keeping your feet hip-width distant and keep the speed of the treadmill at 3 mph at average. Now, keep your hands clasped close to your chest and step forward with right leg first. Bend your right knee at 90 degrees while lowering your body. Then get up and bring back the right foot and move forward your alternate leg for next step. You may set the incline level at five percent to focus on your hamstrings and glutes.

  • Side Shuffles

Side shuffles are effective way of using treadmills for great workouts where both your inner and outer thighs are benefited while you can tone your calves and double it as a cardio exercise. To do the exercise, you need to stand sideways on a treadmill and fix the speed between 3 to 5.5 mph. Keep your knees a little bent and perform rapid side shuffles. Remember that you need to land carefully on the balls of the feet and then switch sides.

  • Low (Squat) Side Shuffles

Just like the position of side shuffles, stand sideways on your treadmill in a quarter-squat position and keep your chest braced. Maintain the speed up to 1-2 mph and stay in the quarter-squat position. Now step forward towards the front part of the treadmill with closest leg and then move your opposite leg. Perform it again by switching sides.

  • Walking Plank

If you find traditional pranks are rough enough, you should try out this variation workout that keep impact on the front of your shoulders while helping your stabilizers to work harder. At first, you need to fix the treadmill speed at 1 to 2 mph and go behind the treadmill and come into the plank position. Keep your hands at the side base of the treadmill and your body at a straightforward line from your head to heels. Now keep your both hands on treadmill band and walk forward throughout the duration of the exercise.

Of course, this is just a set of starter ideas, to get your workouts started on the right foot. For my money, Bowflex makes the best fitness equipment, so if you’re looking for any of these products, I’d start with them. That being said, there really are a bunch of other great companies out there as well, so be sure to shop around bit if you don’t feel that they’re the company for you!



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