Home Work Out – The Perfect Choice For Busy People

For many, being in shape and feeling good is on their bucket list.  It is something they would like to achieve before they die.  The problem is, they do not have a clue to how to even begin.  One of the main reasons that Clearly Fitness was created was to provide the average person with simple, effective, yet affordable fitness information and help.  It is our belief that everyone needs the ability to get in shape and feel amazing. Part of getting in shape and working out includes the need for great equipment to challenge your muscle with resistance training.  Not only is it important that the equipment work great, but that it can be accessed from anywhere you are in the world.


  • The list of things you need
  • Equipment and a plan that is affordable
  • A workout plan that takes minimal time
  • Access to a Fitness Expert
  • Access to a personal trainer
  • Nutritional instruction
  • Very little space

All of these things above are enough to set your home gym. The biggest advantage of this home gym is that you don’t have to pay anything and you can work out any time you want. This second fact was really important to me.

The Home Workout Routine I Found


What I found was a home workout routine that delivered on all the things I needed and more. I purchased the system for under $50 and everything else was included.
Even today, I use the same home workout system I originally purchased and have achieved phenomenal result from the comfort of my home. I no longer have the inner tube, because by working out and eating right I went from 194lbs to 161lbs in the first 4 months.  I only workout 3 days a week but have been asked if I spend as much as 4 hours a day in the gym.  Do I dare mention that my wife looks like a swimsuit model?
If you want the body of a person who lives at the gym but have other things to do, find a home work out that works for you.  By using a home workout routine I no longer have to try to fit my workouts in weird hours.  If you would like to try the home workout system see my home workout routine.