Best Places for Luxury Vacations

Sometimes we are so stuck in our busy schedule that we refrain from taking some time out of our busy lives and just rest. What better way is there to rest and enjoy and enjoy the exciting pleasures of life than going on a luxurious vacation.

In this article, I will be giving you suggestions on some of the finest locations where you can enjoy a luxury vacation.

  1. Corfu Island, Greece

Talking about one of the finest vacation destinations, Corfu Island deserves an honorable mention. This Island which is located on the north coast of the Ionian Island in Greece is the essence of class and luxury. Here, you get to enjoy the beautiful view of the coastline and also visit iconic places that embody the rich history and culture of Greece. This location is one of the few locations that are just apt to enjoy a yacht holiday in Greece. On this Island, you are spoilt with options of where to visit, it’s packed with a wide array of classy destinations to chill and relax. You need not worry even if you’re new to yachting as you’ll quickly learn the ropes.

2. Paris, France

As you may already know, Paris is one place that is known for its sophistication and style, this makes it an exciting place for a luxury vacation. The Guardian aptly describes Paris as one of the world’s most beautiful cities and one of the most expensive. Whether your interpretation of relaxation is sightseeing, sampling of exquisite cuisine and drinks, shopping from globally renowned fashion stores, visiting places of rich cultural heritage; this place has got you covered.

3. Tokyo, Japan

This is one place that is characterized by its fast-paced modernization whilst maintaining its rich cultural heritage. In Japan, you are spoilt with a beehive of luxurious destinations where you can chill. You also get to enjoy the beautiful landscape for sightseeing and most importantly, the rich oriental cuisine. Regardless of its urbanness and modernization, there are amazing structures – for example, the Tokyo National Museum – situated in this beautiful city created for the sole purpose of preserving the heritage of the people of Japan.

4. Mirihi Island, The Maldives

At the mention of a luxurious vacation destination, one location that easily comes to mind is The Maldives. The Island has over 30 villas and other accommodation options that are structured and situated in such a way that you enjoy the fine view of the coastline. Also, there are restaurants on the island that serve an array of dishes to whet your appetite.

5. Vumbura Plains Camp

If you are tired of the ultramodern style of relaxation and you intend to relax in an environment that portrays nature in its purest and crudest form, then you should definitely visit Botswana. Vumbura Plains Camp is a hotel situated in the heart of Botswana’s wildlife. In this location, you get to see up close, see diverse wild animals that you might otherwise only get to see in movies. Need I add that this hotel offers excellent hospitality service to guarantee that you’ll have an unforgettable stay at your time in Botswana. So, if you are an astute lover of wildlife and you are looking for a place to relax, then this place should be considered a top choice.

6. Mauritius

Mauritius is everything pleasant and soothing. The beautiful scenery, the blue water, the warm climate are special elements that combine to make it an accurate destination for relaxation and enjoyment. Need I add that the Maldives is one place you will enjoy one of the most exhilarating spa experiences that you may not get to experience anywhere. Here you rest assured of top-notch pampering.

7. Whitsunday Island, Australia

The Whitsunday Islands is nestled between Queensland and the Great barrier reef. This island is composed of the finest natural elements that make it almost surreal. The fine blend of the blue waters, white sand, bubbling aqua life (where you will find a thousand species of fish and other aquatic creatures), makes it a preferred site for relaxation. Also if you are someone that has a special interest in water activities like snorkeling, you will definitely find this location more refreshing than you can imagine.

8. Ubud, Bali

This destination has a touch of everything interesting to give you a refreshing vacation experience. Here, you can enjoy one of the finest massage services to guarantee you calmed nerves and a refreshed body. Also, it houses the Monkey Forest Park where you can spend quality time with monkeys. A vacation in Ubud assures you of an adventurous and relaxing experience.

9. Iceland

A vacation in Iceland promises an exhilarating experience. Here you get to see up close the glaciers, waterfalls and the overall mystical scenery that you only get to see in the movies. If you are someone that has special interests in activities like Ice Climbing, glacier hiking, snorkeling, whale watching; then Iceland is one place you should make moves to tick off your bucket list. And as aptly stated by The Guardian, Your trip to Iceland is not complete without a night looking for the breathtaking Northern Lights display.

10. Langkawi, Malaysia

This location offers a rich green landscape, an expanse array of natural geological formations that is rare to find just anywhere. In this location, you get to participate in fun activities like eagle watching, hiking, and also a tour to the caves scattered around this region.

11. Bagan, Myanmar

If you are tired of visiting ultra-modern destinations and you are on the lookout for a less sophisticated location that offers an exciting adventure in its purest form, then this location is one you should consider greatly. The surreal scenery of hot air balloons floating over temples that you may have seen in movies is one view you may not get to find anywhere.

12. Mykonos, Greece

For a getaway from your busy routine schedule, Mykonos is packed with a lot of elements to guarantee you a refreshing vacation experience. Get your travel kit in place to explore Mykonos. From the luxurious accommodation offered in this region to the unique peace and quiet the island offers, there is no better way to enjoy relaxation at its finest. Also, you also get to explore other structures available in this region like the Folklore Museum.

With the diverse relaxation destinations that have been talked about in this article so far, you are spoilt with a lot of options. Take some time out from your busy schedule today and visit any of the beautiful vacation destinations discussed in this article.

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