The Best Way to Have a Perfect Sailing Holiday

Are you planning how to spend your next holiday? Or you are thinking about the places to travel and tour? While you might have all the travel opportunities in the world, nothing beats the excitement, thrill and joy that comes with sealing a yacht. Just think about how you will feel when the cool breeze begins to fill the sail, refreshes in your body and creates a peaceful feeling in your soul!

You might also want to consider how you will feel when you just jump into the crystal clear water and have a wonderful ambience surround you with awe, wonder and joy.  Enjoying a holiday by sailing has been a pleasurable, exhilaration and life-changing experience, paving a way for many yacht charter companies to help people get the best of it. 

Even though many people desire to expend their holiday through sailing, they assume that it will break their bank. But, you don’t have to worry about that. These days, you can enjoy the best of life with as little as possible. When it comes to having a perfect sailing holiday, you have many options. You can choose a private charter or you can board one with other passengers. Each yacht, might have about eight other sailors. 

Even if you don’t have the money to afford a luxury charter, you can still request for a bareboat yacht charter or a skippered yacht charter. The most important thing is to organize yourself and decide on how you want to spend the time sailing. If you organize and plan your sail well, you will have fun, relax and enjoy the best possible.

Planning for the Sail

Prior to the sail, consider the number of days you have to sail. How many days do you have for your holiday and how would you spend that sailing. If you have about a week or two weeks, you might want to have a week sailing and another relaxing ashore. Notwithstanding, you can still plan a day or week for both relaxing ashore and sailing. Whichever you decide, you need to start budgeting and packing for your holiday sailing.

You might want to look at the weather or climatic conditions before booking your flight. You don’t want to be beaten by Mother Nature and have a terrible holiday sailing experience. Therefore, consider checking with the shore-based team to help you know the favourable time and climatic condition that will be good for your sail. Doing this quick check will help you keep your mind clear of weather conditions.

When you are planning on your sail, there are a lot of things to come along with. Obviously, you should not overpack, but just ensure you pack the things that are needed the most for your sail. What you just need is a duffle bag with items such as documents, credit cards, currency (money), bathing suits, shorts, tshirts, first-aid kit, sunglasses, toiletries, snorkel gear, swimwear, sandals and walking shoes. Once you’ve packed your things, you just have to ensure you arrive at the shore on time to set off. You can consider visiting a reputable sailing site to purchase all the things you need. 

Booking your Flight

It all gets started with booking and parking. There are a lot of yacht charter firms, but you have to select the one whose services will be designed and suited to your needs. Read about their services and program from their website and call a team to make enquiries. After you review a couple of them, select one that best will work for you. You should select one whose lead crews work with their shore-based team to ensure that the yacht is in perfect condition and have the basic items that will provide you with a great sail.

Many yacht charter firms have rules and guidelines when it comes with sailing with a group, family, friends, children or relatives. Consider reading and checking out the requirements available for those sailing in groups. This might include fees, instructions and guidelines to ensure safety. This is very important when you are considering having your sailing holiday with your children.

Where would you want to sail? Which islands, harbours or towns would you want to sail? Making your decision early will help you know the kind of skipper you need to guide on the sail. Possibly, choose a yacht charter having expert skippers with the knowledge and experience to make your trip enjoyable. If you want to help yourself, you can also consider taking a skipper course to have the necessary qualification for your trip.

Tips to Enjoy Your Sail 

The beauty of holiday sailing can be very much overwhelming. You have a lot of things to do while the boat is moving. You can decide to sleep on the deck or explore the water while sitting or lying on the cabin. If you have brought along your swimwear, snorkel gear and all others, you can decide to engage in other activities such as snorkelling, and diving. 

It’s always nice to look into the blue skies and watch birds. Standing at the deck and watching the wonderful scenery of the water while relaxing can also be a great way to enjoy your sail. If you have come along with self-help book, you might want to relax and the book. Reading in an environment like this can be a great booster and help you to think creatively and awaken your understanding. You could even come up with great ideas while sailing that can change your life. 

One expert sailing supplier advised, “Small cabins, and sharing cabins, berths and bathrooms is something some travellers do need to get their head around. For the most part, you are only in the cabin to sleep and the rest of the time you are out on the deck, in the water or exploring. As we operate most trips in the summer months or warmer climates many travellers sleep on the deck so sharing a cabin isn’t as big an issue as they thought it would be. Most people are also pleasantly surprised by how quickly they bond with their fellow travellers.”

You shouldn’t forget your business cards, a sailing holiday is a prime opportunity for networking. Chatting with fellow sailers can be a great way to network. Many sailors have built amazing networks on their sail which has taken their life to the next level. Remember, you would be meeting with other people, visiting shores and spending time in a hotel. That means you will be meeting and networking as well. Planning to network during your holiday sailing is a great way to enjoy your sail while advancing your career.

How about sunbathing, skiing or horse racing at the shore? If you are considering relaxing ashore, then you can consider checking in at the nearest hotel to have fun, relax and even enjoy a delicious meal.  You can make a booking at the nearest spa hotel and villas to stay overnight or for the week before continuing with your sail. If you have come along with a camera, you should take pictures of your sail from start to finish. The pictures you take will create unforgettable memories. 

Consider journaling your experience when you return home. One sailor shared his experience with Sailing Holiday’s Team saying, “It is a completely unique type of holiday very relaxing but always new places to visit and people to meet, lovely sunny weather, great food and beautiful scenery with lovely little hidden bays and tavernas… Bliss!”

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