St Tropez Yacht Charter: Snorkeling for Sea Life

Those lucky enough to have taken a St Tropez yacht charter will know that the breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters of the French Riviera offer a magical opportunity for discovering the Mediterranean’s stunning marine life. Snorkelling is by far and away one of the most exciting, immersive ways to get up close and personal with nature and discover incredible underwater scenery and sea life at close quarters – read on to find out how to get the most out of your St Tropez yacht charter snorkelling experience.  

Snorkelling in Porquerolles

Porquerolles is one of a small cluster of islands in the French Riviera, just off the sensational southern coast and easily discoverable by St Tropez yacht charter. The island is known for its enchanting natural beauty – refreshingly untouched by modern life or heavy tourism, the coastline remains much as it has always been. One of the best kept secrets of the French Riviera, Porquerolles is an extremely sought-after destination for a luxury St Tropez Yacht Charter and is a prime spot for keen snorkellers to take to the water in the hope of sighting some very special sea life.

Before setting out on a snorkelling expedition off Porquerolles, it helps to take some time to research the best routes and locations. For instance, Calanque du Brégançonnet is a natural port on the southwestern side of the island consisting of a narrow pool surrounded by characteristic granite rock formations. This sheltered spot is a hotbed of sea life, the calm conditions allowing all kinds of plant life and fish species to thrive. This area also has the optimum water depth to allow you to see as much as possible on your underwater adventure.

Snorkelling in Les Embiez

The beauty and diversity of the landscape (both above and below sea level) of Les Embiez are hard to parallel. Another of the small, serene islands in the Cote d’Azur, Les Embiez is also home to an impressive array of sea life and is classified as a Natura 2000 protected area to help preserve the habitats of its native creatures.

Les Embiez is the perfect spot to observe rare and natural species on your snorkelling excursion. The wild coastline is punctuated by hidden beaches, rock formations and creeks which are perfect for discovering a huge variety of marine life and other aquatic treasures.

Day trips or half-day excursions are readily available from beach clubs on Les Embiez as part of your St Tropez yacht charter experience and are perfect for beginners and anyone who would like some guidance on the best viewing spots. Ecological guides offer a great way to practice sustainable tourism and can help you to get the most out of your adventure whilst helping to preserve the natural harmony of the environment around you.

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