Eco-Friendly Retreats on a Budget

It doesn’t matter if you’re lounging on a beach at an eco-lodge or if you’re diving on a reef being astounded at the varied life it harbors, it can be easy to get the idea that paradise comes with a price tag outside of your budget. However, you’ll be glad to know that even if your budget is tight, you still have options, and resorts that are all-inclusive can be a fantastic way to save money, especially when you’re careful enough to avoid any sort of hidden costs.

Look for those types of resorts in destinations or countries that aren’t visited as often and where you’ll be able to get more bang for your buck. For example, spas in Southeast Asia cost only a fraction of what their European counterparts cost, and when it comes to the Caribbean, Central America is a spectacular way to visit it on the cheap. Here’s a quick look at how to get your eco retreat and not break the bank in the process.

Budget for It

If you know this type of getaway is important to you, put it in the budget. Find ways to cut your

expenses in order to save for the trip. You might even think about getting a loan from someplace like Blue Trust Loans to fund it. Once you know exactly how much you’re going to spend, you’ll have a better idea of how to plan for saving or getting the money for it.

Deep Blue Resort

One of the best budget-friendly places to dive on the reefs in the Caribbean is the Deep Blue Resort. Once you’ve got the money together for your getaway, you’ll be able to get your wetsuit on and discover some underwater delights at this beachfront resort that’s located on an island in the Caribbean. This is one of those all-inclusive places we mentioned before. The 5-star residences are in a coconut grove that features a private beach with white sand.

This is also the home of the PADI SCUBA diving and instruction center, where they take the guests to the hotspots in the area. You’ll be able to snorkel and swim alongside whale sharks and dolphins, dive on the second largest barrier reef on the planet, and view its coral walls that stretch up to 1,000m deep. You can even participate in one of the Whale Shark Research Weeks the center holds in support of these endangered creatures. All the deluxe rooms are beachfront and you’ll eat amazing home-cooked meals. The week-long packages, complete with the diving, start at only $1,000!

As you can see, dream getaways like this don’t need to come complete with a five-figure price tag. With a bit of scrimping and saving (try making your coffee at home as opposed to paying $5 a day for it), and some careful planning, it’s easy to get the eco-trip of your dreams. When it’s time to leave you won’t regret any of the things you sacrificed for it.
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